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CosyFund visit and help out at various projects in African continent including Kenya, Tanzania & Gambia




Cosy Fund help various local carities including Derbyshire Kids Club, Book Festival & Derby Foundation




We have various resouces for teachers to use including: Posters, Booklets & Conference Event Support


welcome to cosy fund

The Cosy charitable fund is a really modest fund that has been operating informally and personally since 2002 In 2010 it formalised. In 2011 the Ellse family have agreed to underwrite a further 3 years funding.

We support small table top charities and voluntary organisations. Our target is the disadvantaged kids aged 3-11 and the good guys reaching them.

We know some people focus on the needy in places such as Africa support and others feel charity begins at home. If you subscribe to the 'small is beautiful' ethic then you will have a friend here.

We're interested in...

1. Kids getting out and staying out in the UK through voluntary childrens organisations

2. Kids getting an education and a chance in Africa,

Little and local..

The concept of Cosy Fund is that ´little and often´ finance, matching the honest endeavours of local hands, can go some way to help children progress.

If you are volunteering at grass roots, you will rarely have time to seek, but would greatly benefit from, some light touch ´non onerous´ funding.

In this instance its no point advertising free money as it will likely attract poor intent. The chance then is to take the initiative and seek out good works and pass on a recommendation for us to fund it.

If you think you can help, contact us above.

'Don't confuse comforts with happiness and wealth with success' as seen on a schoolbook in Kenya 2011. 

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