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Cosy fund visit and support various projects in African including Kenya, Tanzania & Gambia.





Cosy Fund help various local carities including Derbyshire Kids Club, Book Festival & Derby Foundation




We have various resouces for teachers to use including: Posters, Booklets & Conference Event Support


welcome to cosy fund

The Cosy charitable fund is a really modest fund that has been operating informally and personally since 2002, it formalised in 2010. The fund was started by Ellse family who continue to fund it today.

We support small table top charities and voluntary organisations. Our aim is the disadvantaged children aged 3-11 all over the world but particularly in the UK, Kenya and Gambia.

'Don't confuse comforts with happiness and wealth with success' as seen on a schoolbook in Kenya 2011.

We're interested in...

1. Improving the education of children in Africa

2. Helping local voluntary charities supporting children in the UK

Little and local..

The concept of Cosy Fund is that ┬┤little and often┬┤ finance, matching the honest endeavours of local hands, can go some way to help children progress.

If you fit in to the small table top charity for children aged 3-11 category and you would like to share with us what you do, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!


Contribution to the community...

In 2017 cosy fund won the East Midlands Chamber Award for 'Contribution to the Community'.

Stephen Njoroge - University Application Successful!



Congratulations to Stephen on being accepted into the University of Nairobi to study Medicine and Surgery. We are all very proud of you and your achievements!



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