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In the vast continent of Africa, amongst the beautiful valleys two hours north of Nairobi, just out side the small town of gilgil, no more than 20 square miles where the good folk of KST have rebuilt 10 primary schools to low tech sustainably high standard. Now they're building a secondary school for all those feeders. These are built in conjunction with the parents, governors and teacher's hands.

Whilst this dedicated group was doing this as a collective retirement passion they realised the bright but poor had little easy route out of eye watering poverty. Not that the community wasn't marked with the kind of strength and self reliant, selfless collectivism many hark back to in the west.

So they set up to sponsor the brightest to boarding secondary school. (a mere £500 per child for a full year to change one bright, keen kid's life - it could be you or I) There are now over 200 children passing through the system and we have had our first university graduate Hosea Ndugu pass with a first class honours degree in Engineering, alongside emerging nurses, teachers and doctors.

The next stage is to build a secondary school so that the 220 children per year who cannot win a place at the premium regional secondaries have a place of education to go.

Finally a group of the KST trustees we call the 'coven' highlighted that the kids in the primary schools were depleted come the afternoon, a long way from their one meal a day and so in partnership with the parents they are building a sponsorship programme to provide a cup of maize per day to the children, to back the parents who have suggested a parents rota to cook. A years lunch is £50

If you wish to support and visit these programmes, the trustees are out 3 times a year the founder as seen on the front Harry is a force for change of the highest order. You will come back reminded of the value of life and with a lot of inspiration for the respect and organisation of people living in difficult circumstance.

These are just three of the inspiring causes we are backing, more below. Basically if we find 100% charities with no admin, good people who are doing stuff we'll back them.

Cosy In Sudan

Donation towards building fund for a new library in the Sudan

Our current project is to build a library for a primary school in Yei, South Sudan, where literacy is poor and resources scarce.

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Cosy in Kenya

Provision of calendars for fundraising, envelopes and other sundry support whenever opportunity knocks

Four year sponsorship of Anthony attending Langalanga school in Kenya, Anthony would like to be an engineer. A Man utd supporter but we'll forgive him (its probably the average distance for one anyway!). He is coming to the end of the four year secondary course and must now consider his tertiary options and we must consider whether we continue to sponsor him in this next stage.

Four year sponsorship of Peter.Now at leading secondary school Nyandura high (ethic- work hard,be honest,look ahead) A remarkably bright, lucid and inspiring
character as you'll see. In January 2011 he acheived top 12 in the entire school 3 terms running, his aim is to be a doctor.

Four year co-sponsorships of Elizabeth attending Langalanga in Kenya. With our very close
friends at the TTS foundation we are paying for the tertiary education of Elizabeth to become a nurse.
TTS are one of many ethical players in education supply - support and encourage them.

pledge to donate to help build the first two kitchens, the first at NDogo then St Peter's Huruma school Kenya.

In association with Jack Rabbit's in Derby who have agreed to match this funding by
raising the same amount from customers. The girls at jack rabbits are cool kids and make fab food.

KST food programme pledge - paying for 3 kids lunches for a year in St Peter's Huruma school in Kenya.
St Peter's is a particularly difficult area, drawing the children from the local slums, and it has inspirational
children, teachers and parents. The head James is a true leader too.

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