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Derby Kids Camp  

Derby Kids Camp is a great value and inspirational collective! From childhood, what remains when you're older are the big memories such as holidays. We've never seen a child who doesn't look as though they're having the time of their lives. The enormous level of hard work, energy and fun put in by both committee behind the scenes and the merry band of volunteers is truly impressive.

All 100% volunteer led, going 35 years and takes 300 kids every year needing a break camping for a week of fabulous fun. The children invited on DKC holidays are nominated by the Derby City schools, rather than chosen by ourselves. Each school is given a number of children's places and their nominations are based on those children they feel would most benefit from a holiday.

Have a look at the programme, go volunteer, you will be entertained and inspired.  

 In 2016 Cosy purchased a farm and campsite in the heart of the Peak District to be used as a permanent home for DKC.  The purchase ended a year of grave uncertainty for the local children's charity, after the field they have camped on for over 30 years was put up for sale following the death of the previous owner, John Wint. Cosy stepped in and secured the site weeks before camp was due to be built, giving Derby Kids’ Camp the security of a permanent home for many years to come.


Balsam Family Project

In 2009 We provided £1000 on a 3 year support programme in support of inspirational founder Alex Walker. The amazing Balsam Family College team of the Greigs and Alex amongst many others are dedicated to breaking the cycle of deprivation through providing a safe stop, pass on childcare and family building techniques for young inexperienced parents to help those seeking independence. Really impressive, open to visitors every Wednesday, well worth a pop in.

These are just some of the many many programmes going on in the local environment. we all know 'local and small' is the source of so much goodness as any nursery or primary school will tell you!

Cosy in Alfreton

In April 2010 the Cosy fund sponsored the garden at leading, award winning Alfreton Nursery School to the tune of £200.

In May 2010 adonation to The Alfreton Community Hall

The Alfreton Community Hall is used by various Community Groups such as Brownies, Dancing classes, Karate Club, Weight Watchers and Rotary Club. Local families hire the hall for birthday parties and celebrations.

The hatch has been fitted, thank you for your financial assistance again it is really appreciated.

In June 2010 a donation to Alfreton & District Amateur Sports Club

An extract from a recent letter from the Chairman read; "Your donation will help towards the fees for training our football coaching staff to gain Level Two Qualifications and enable us to purchase balls, bibs and cones for use in our Junior Football Academy (age 5-7)."

Cosy in Derby

In August 2010 Helping to facilitate ‘getting music outside’ within the outdoor learning environment. It has been a dream and vision to utilise the ‘amphitheatre’ in order to develop music making. This spirited lady provides children with quality outdoor musical instruments which would enable them to explore and experiment with sound.

In September 2010 Cosy helped fund Hilton Harriers Football Club disability team training venue in Etwall when the public sector could no longer continue it.

In October 2010 Television donated for Rolls Royce Leisure raffle prize raising money for Derby Kids Camp

In november 2010 Donation for t-shirts for Kwik Kricket voluntary group at Swanwick Hall Cricket Club as recommended by our Alfreton watchers

In December 2010 Supporting local lawyer with a donation to Maggies Centres - building a respite centre for cancer patients

In december 2010 Donation to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

Cosy in Belper

In July 2010 Cosy majority fund the junior training program for all Belper Juniors at Belper Rugby Club, a free military style take no prisoners thursday night activity session open to all youngsters. If you're ever in Belper on a thursday night pop in and have a look, the kids are in pain but they love it!

Cosy Nationwide

Cosy made a 3 year commitment for geography dept award for top dissertation funding, to help the brightest progress.

In Autumn 2010 Donation for Helen Brown at TTS's cancer research - TTS Race For Life team, £1 for everyone of our friends there - There are 200 people there.

3 year commitment to the Balsam Family Project - outreach for vulnerable families.- as above

In March 2010 Donation for trip to Costa Rica for a Governor friend's daughter to build a waterway there.

In 2009,2010 donations to mens health charity fighting cancer.

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